Divorce, separation, nullity….all of these terms have legal significance. Below is a brief definition of each one.

Dissolution/Divorce: This is an action that will end your marriage and make you legally single. In this action, you will be considered legally separated at the time that your initial divorce documents are filed and a copy is served on your spouse, but it will take at least 6 months to make your divorce final. Either spouse can decide to end the marriage by divorce – you do not need to agree to get it done.

Separation: A legal separation is a way to settle each spouse’s responsibilities towards each other and your children (if any) without terminating the marriage. If you want to legally separate, you can elect to change your request to a divorce at a later date if you change your mind.

Nullity: A nullity is a request to have the marriage determined to have never existed (aka annulment). A spouse requesting a nullity must provide reasons for that request and a judge will decide if those reasons are sufficient enough to grant the request. Some examples of grounds for nullity include incest, bigamy, fraud, unsound mind, physical incapacity to have children and inability to consent to marriage. Some people seeks nullity for religious reasons or for others, it's another personal desire. In any event, despite the fact that the word "annulment" is not uncommon, it is relatively rare for people to actually get their marriage annuled.

Separate.Us is available to assist with legal dissolutions/divorces. At this time, we are not able to help with a marriage nullity (or annulment). Please check back at www.separate.us for more information on when we may be able to assist you with either of those types of actions.

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